Ashigaru Scouts

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Captain Hiroji leads his scouting force to patrol the border, and drive off any enemy clan forces.

  • Mounted Samurai Captain
  • Scout Sergeant
  • Ashigaru Runner
  • 3 Ashigaru Scouts
  • 9 Recruitment Cards
  • 1 Trait Card
  • 6 Skill Cards
  • 2 Quest Cards
  • MDF bases, including 1 multibase

    This set focuses on scouting, stealth and sudden attacks.

    Captain Hiroji is a master at keeping the enemy off guard, and starts with the Poised for the Attack skill card. His horse tack is functional and unadorned, ready to lead a swift, quiet mission on the borders of clan domains, or perhaps into enemy territory.

    The Scout Sergeant reading the map helps move up your other Ashigaru (of any type), with an extra boost if they are heading towards an objective.

    Meanwhile the Runner can carry orders from any characters and sergeants in your force, giving their effects a wider reach!

    The Ashigaru Scouts are armed with katanas rather than larger, bulkier weapons, and carry their bed-rolls and portions of rice with them, ready for an extended patrol. 

    Skill cards include Flanking Manoeuvre, Reconnaissance and Hide!

    Also in the set are cards for a Mounted Samurai Captain and Mounted Samurai Officer, in case you don't want to use the named character. As well as having different stats to the Mounted Samurai from the Clan Forces pack, these new cards have the Military path icon, so they work perfectly with the skills, trait and quests from the Veteran Ashigaru set.

    Box contains 18 gaming cards for Test of Honour and 6 metal miniatures plus bases.

    Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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