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Footsore Miniatures was established to provide high-quality 28mm metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike. Its foundation is built on the old Musketeer Miniatures range of figures sculpted by the designer, Bill Thornhill.
With the addition of other sculptors such as Paul Hicks and Stavros Zouliatis it now offers high-quality 28mm metal and resin miniatures and tabletop games such as Gangs of Rome and Mortal Gods.

Mark Farr and Andy Hobday own Footsore Miniatures & Games, based in the UK the company ships all over the world, friends for over 20 years who collectively bring more than five decades of gaming experience.

Footsore (Miniatures) is named after the plight of the millions of men (and women), who have humped their paraphernalia of war along the long dusty roads of history.

Mark Farr

Mark has been an avid gamer as long as he can remember.

Starting with Airfix kits and later moving onto metal miniatures. Mark has been through most rule sets over the years beginning with the likes of Donald Featherstone and regularly emptying his local library of all their wargaming books (and returning them of course).

In the early 80s, Games Workshop released Warhammer first edition and an incurable addiction was born.

Mark moved from the’ Marches’ up to Nottingham to work for Games Workshop in Sales and worked his way through several areas of the business learning mould making and casting along the way.

After his time at Games Workshop, he also worked for Wargames Foundry and Warlord Games.

Mark is a prolific collector and painter owning many miniatures though his first love has always been ‘sword & shield’ armies.

Being part of Footsore Miniatures is a dream come true (who wouldn’t want their own Toy Soldier Company) as it ticks all of Marks boxes, nicely detailed easy to paint miniatures in evocative poses and a company with a reputation for high quality and excellent value troops.  Mark is the Managing Director of Footsore Miniatures & Games.

Andy Hobday

When Andy’s Dad bought him the book “The Warlock of Firetop Mountain” over 30 years ago little did he know this would be the catalyst for his lifelong obsession with miniature wargaming.

From playing lots of role-playing games he came across the first edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles which gave him a reason for owning all the dwarf figures he had collected over his various dungeon adventures.

An interest and passion for historical gaming began with the purchase of Samurai Blades by Standard Games and has continued since Samurai (Sengoku period - Warring States) and Medieval (The Barons Wars) being the periods he enjoys the best.

Andy has been lucky enough to turn his hobby into a career. Joining Games Workshop in the early 1990s he worked his way around the business starting in the retail stores and ending up at Head Office in Nottingham as Head of IT (UK Sales).

Andy also worked for Warlord Games as their IT manager and championed their Beyond the Gates of Antares Sci-Fi game which he plays a lot. He was the author of the Strike on Kar’A Nine introductory book having conceived the new Antares introductory box set. He is also the co-creator of Test of Honour the Samurai Miniatures game with Graham Davey - which was released March 2017 by Warlord Games.  Version two was released in the summer of 2019 via Grey for Now Games with the manufacturing and distribution being carried out by Footsore Miniatures & Games. 

Recently he has written and produced Mortal Gods a skirmish game based in Ancient Greece which sold out its first print run on preorder.

Outside of playing and developing his games, he likes to play SAGA where he fields other manufacturers Vikings (don’t tell Bill) scratching his Dark Ages itch.

Owning his own miniatures company, including his own casting machine is the dream of the 14-year-old Andy made into reality.

Andy lives in rural Leicestershire with his wife, two daughters and awesome dog Huxley.

Arcane Scenery

Footsore Miniatures UK is supported by Arcane Scenery & Models who send out all of our orders. Owned and marshalled by Steve Wood if you have not checked out their website then go there right now as it is a Pandora’s box for all modellers and gamers!

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