Mortal Gods Resin

All the miniatures in this collection are made from high-quality resin.
17 results
Skorylos, Noble of Thrake (resin)
Meonas Spartan Heavy Lochagos (resin)
Andronikos Athenian Heavy Lochagos (resin)
Polykratos of Thespis, Descended from Heroes - Thespian Lochagos (resin)
Currently unavailable
Phatis (resin)
Only 4 left!
Medium Lochagos 1 (resin)
Only 4 left!
Medium Lochagos 2 (resin)
Heavy Promachos 1 (resin)
Heavy Promachos 2 (resin)
Only 2 left!
Medium Promachos 2 (resin)
Thracian Peltast (resin)
Only 2 left!
Padan, Persian Lochagos

17 results

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