Mortal Gods Resin

All the miniatures in this collection are made from high-quality resin and are limited to a release of 30.
16 results
Thrakian Lochagos Resin
Only 4 left!
Thrakian Promachos Resin
Thrakian Leusteres Resin
Thrakian Warriors Resin
Persian Immortals Resin
Kushite Prince Resin
Kushite Priest of Babi Resin
Kushite Baboons Pack Resin
Kushite Priest of Apedemak and Lion Resin
Kushite Archers Resin
Themis the Huntress (resin)
Only 4 left!
Heavy Promachos 1 (resin)
Only 4 left!

16 results

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