Mortal Gods Resin

All the miniatures in this collection are made from high-quality resin.
24 results
Themis the Huntress (resin)
Dromichaites, Hero of Thrake (resin)
Skorylos, Noble of Thrake (resin)
Meonas Spartan Heavy Lochagos (resin)
Andronikos Athenian Heavy Lochagos (resin)
Currently unavailable
Polykratos of Thespis, Descended from Heroes - Thespian Lochagos (resin)
Currently unavailable
Phatis (resin)
Currently unavailable
Heavy Lochagos 1 (resin)
Medium Lochagos 1 (resin)
Medium Lochagos 2 (resin)
Heavy Promachos 1 (resin)
Medium Promachos 1 (resin)
Currently unavailable

24 results

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