The Barons' War 3 - Death & Taxes

Death & Taxes is the first supplement designed for The Barons' War skirmish game. Play your way through the linked scenario-driven campaign, choosing either the forces of the Sheriff of Nottinghamshire or local outlaws sworn to protect the villages.

Further rules are included for developing and running exciting stand-alone seasonal campaigns where individual Commanders strive to be the most chivalrous while battling it out over a campaign map to conquer territory.

This supplement contains 112 pages (plus original cover art by Peter Dennis) which include the Death & Taxes linked campaign, the Outlaw retinue list and rules for running a map-based campaign.

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Death & Taxes Campaign Book + PDF bundle
Death & Taxes campaign book
Death & Taxes Campaign Book PDF
The Barons War Rulebook and Death & Taxes book bundle
Philippe Marc, The Sheriff of Nottinghamshire
Eustace of Lowdham
Knight Herald on Horse
Bishop of York
Veteran Sergeants with Crossbows
Foot Sergeants with Falchions
Foot Sergeants with Spears 2

30 results

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