Announcement: Changes to Company Name

Dark Peak Games

On the 1st March 2019 Games Workshop Limited (GW) requested the withdrawal of our trademark WAR BANNER as in their opinion it bears significant similarity to GW’s registered trademark WARHAMMER with our registration being sought in relation to the same classification of goods which GW sells under WARHAMMER.

In their defence GW has used its trademark WARHAMMER to sell sculpted miniatures, publications and accessories for tabletop wargaming since the release of ‘Warhammer 1st Edition’ in 1983. Over the years, GW has amassed considerable goodwill and reputation in this mark through its widespread and consistent use.

  After seeking legal advice Mark Farr and Andy Hobday decided to comply and have worked with GW to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

The use of War Banner ceased across all digital platforms from the 1st April 2019. Alongside this we applied to Companies House to change our name to Dark Peak Games Limited as well as making other changes wherever it was needed; however, Dark Peak Games became short-lived as we were served with a cease and desist from Peak Games (I kid you not) an app game company on the 2nd April 2019.

Having never heard of PEAK or PEAK GAMES due to us being tabletop and miniature gamers and not app gamers it came as a huge surprise, regardless of this the decision was made to drop the use of the DARK PEAK GAMES mark from the 8th of April 2019 to comply with their demands.

Having been 'knocked for six' by all this we made what we believe is the right decision to register the entire company as FOOTSORE MINIATURES & GAMES. This was only made possible by Bill Thornhill the original owner of Footsore Miniatures unselfishly giving us the name to use, thanks, Bill! This third change will take time behind the scenes to put into place, so please bear with us during this transitional period. We believe by the 1st of June 2019 we will have made all necessary changes to comply.

Short term, our printed products will continue to carry the War Banner mark for the next three months or until sell-through whichever comes first. Mortal Gods and Gangs of Rome have been granted a longer sell through by Games Workshop as they are recent products. All our new product will be printed with the Footsore Miniatures & Games mark.

We would like to finish by saying a huge thank you to the gaming community at large for the overwhelming support we have received, plus a special mention to the War Banner and Footsore communities in particular for just being superb! Going forwards all we ask is for your continued support both on social media and through our website as I'm sure you can imagine when these things happen they can cost small businesses, like us, a small fortune.

If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact us.

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