The stage is set for skirmishes featuring Vikings raiding the coasts of Europe and the Normans invading England in 1066. This supplement also enables Viking on Viking action, Later Saxon rival armies coming to blows to settle their respective Thegn or Æthling's dynastic aims, or William's ten years of conquest taking place after crowning himself King of England.

Written to be used with The Barons' War rulebook, this supplement lets us play games set during the early medieval period.  It facilitates the ever-popular Vikings, the Later Saxons, and the Normans taking to the tabletop.

With the choices provided, players can create very different retinues even from the same faction lists. Having options is always a good thing for tabletop gaming, and we have added more with the introduction of Champions, specific faction traits and new abilities.

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Conquest Supplement Book PDF
Conquest Supplement Book & The Barons' War Rulebook PDF bundle
Conquest Action Tokens
The Barons' War: Conquest - Norman 500pt Warband
The Barons' War: Conquest - Viking 500pt Warband
The Barons' War: Conquest - Late Saxon 500pt Warband
Morale Dice (5)
White d10 Dice (5)
Black d10 Dice (5)
Welsh Supplement Book PDF
The Barons' War Rulebook
The Barons' War Rulebook + PDF bundle
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