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We're absolutely thrilled to share that it's been five years since Gangs of Rome launched, and we've got a whole new version two rulebook for you! This isn't just an update; it's a passionate reinvention of the original, brimming with fresh core, advanced, and campaign rules.

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Gangs of Rome Scatter Set
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Solid Cobbled Bases with Roman Numerals
Cutout Cobbled Bases with Roman Numerals
GoR Starter Bundle
GoR Starter Bundle
£80.00 £90.00
Gangs of Rome A4 Rulebook & PDF bundle
Gangs of Rome A4 Rulebook
The Gangs of Rome Accessories Boxed Set
GoR Full-colour printed MDF action tokens
Citizens of Rome plastic box set
The Oscan Players
Vitus Marcus Severi - Centurion of the Vigiles

21 results

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