Gangs of Rome is coming to Kickstarter launching on the 15th of March 2023. We are looking to fund a version 2 rulebook containing core, advanced and campaign rules alongside new miniature and tokens. All the miniatures so far released are useable in this new version.  There will be a rulebook and token pledge level for the veterans.  If you are new to Gangs of Rome there will also be a pledge level for a starter bundle.

We are hoping to unlock further options along the way. Please help us to give this great game the jumpstart it needs.

We have collected all the PDF downloads for version one of the game in one place.  Some are FREE to download although we do require you to have an account to do this - the reason is when/if we update a PDF you have downloaded you will be notified there is a new version.
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Linus Castus - Ostiarius, Incola card (PDF)
GoR Core Denarii List FREE PDF
Gangs of Rome Scaffolding Rules
Gangs of Rome Night Fighting Rules
Welcome to Rome - a digital summary of Gangs of Rome PDF
Quick Reference Sheet v.1.0
Personal Influence Marker (PIM)
Scenario 1 -  Careless is as Careless Dies
Scenario 2 - Honours Due
Scenario 3 - Blood on the Aventine
Scenario 4 - Sisters in Arms
Scenario 5 - As to Spartacus

20 results

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