Incola the Denizens of Rome

Incolae, the dwellers or residents of Rome, are unique characters that add flavour, peril, or aid to your games. Some may offer help, while others are a nightmare to be actively avoided. Whatever the outcome, gang fighters cannot harm an Incola. Each Incola has individual triggers and mechanics that add variety and depth to your games.

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13 results
Felix the Procurer
Rufinus, Scorpion Thrower
Cruentus, the Butcher
Marcus, the Orator
The Iberian, Retired Gladiator
Thessalus the Back Street Healer
Flavia Graecina, the Domina
Zenobius, Cilician Pirate
Eurysaces the Baker
Talavus the guard
Vitus Marcus Severi - Centurion of the Vigiles

13 results

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