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We like to send out newsletters by email to our community when we have something interesting to share with you:

The general rule is the newsletters will update you on what Footsore Miniatures & Games is currently working on as well as inform you about any new releases. We will also let you know which shows are taking place where you can purchase our miniatures.

The image above is an example of what a Footsore Miniatures & Games newsletter may look like when it arrives in your inbox. Click on the image above to view an example on line.

What do you need to know about signing up…

1. As a subscriber, you’ll get access to all our news immediately in your inbox!

2. We aim to send a newsletter out a couple of times a month on average, but we will occasionally send extra newsletters out on special occasions such as news of a new project or ranges.

3. We guard this email list with our lives. Your info is never given or sold to anyone else, ever! We do have a privacy policy which you can read here.

4. You can unsubscribe at any time. Use the link at the bottom of any newsletter email to update your info or leave the list. Or you can simply click here.

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