Solid Cobbled Bases with Roman Numerals

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Upgrade Your Gangs with Ready-Made Cobblestone Bases!

Refrain from sculpting when you can dominate the streets with these fantastic pre-made cobblestone bases for your Gangs of Rome miniatures!

Perfect for:

  • Gamers who prefer to focus on painting and playing rather than crafting bases.
  • Players looking for an easy way to elevate and identify their miniatures on the tabletop.

These high-quality cobblestone bases:

  • Instantly enhance the look and feel of your Gangs of Rome miniatures, immersing them in the gritty realism of the ancient Roman underworld.
  • Come ready to use, saving precious hobby time and letting you start painting your fighters.

Tired of crafting bases from scratch? These cobblestone bases are the perfect solution! With a quick paint job, you'll have your gang ready to tear through the underbelly of Rome in no time!

NB: Like all Resin, it is key to make sure you work safely, make sure to keep out of reach of children, use the correct equipment such as a mask when sanding, filing or any other activity that can create dust.

There may be some support material left over from the manufacturing process, this can be easily removed with a hobby knife just like you would remove excess metal or resin from a traditionally cast miniature.

Unlike typical cast resins, the printed resin can be more brittle and may shatter if cut with side cutters. We recommend using a razor saw if you wish to cut the material for any conversions. To assemble the kit as pictured you will not need to cut or sand the parts.

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