Gangs of Rome A4 Rulebook

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In a time when, Rome's elite wield brutal gangs as instruments of their will, Gangs of Rome invites you to forge your path to power. As a Dominus, you will recruit and command a motley crew of ruthless fighters, manipulating them to achieve your goals. With their savagery tempered by your cunning, you will rise through the ranks of Roman society, crushing all who stand in your way.

This book provides a comprehensive set of rules for controlling and equipping your gang and engaging in cinematic skirmishes among the city's teeming populace. The innovative action stack mechanic allows you to create unique and varied activations for your gang fighters, ensuring that no two games are the same.

Gangs of Rome is a different approach to ancient tabletop gaming, focusing on the gritty underbelly of Roman society. With a playstyle emphasis on the narrative, Gangs of Rome is perfect for players who want to experience one-off games or run a campaign in ancient Rome's dark and dangerous streets. Whether you seek to amass wealth, gain influence, or carve out a place for yourself in the cutthroat world of the gangs, Gangs of Rome offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. Memento Mori.

The new rulebook makes it easier to get started while at the same time offering plenty of options. once you have learnt the core rules, add depth via advanced and campaign rules,

Core Rules: 20-30 pages provide all the rules needed to play a game, including gang sheets for 2 beginner gangs and three starter scenarios.

Advanced Rules: Optional rules adding the Incola, creating your own fighters, different fighter types, night fighting, didgy scaffolding, ROmes Most Wanted, Vigiles, a scenario builder, equipment and abilities.

Campaign Rules: Everything you need to play an ongoing campaign, including random events, injuries, territories and progression. It Can be played with a definitive goal or endless play, FIght and bribe your way to the Senate to advantage over your foes.

This A4 hardback rulebook contains 198 pages (with original wraparound cover art by Peter Dennis) which include all the rules needed to play Gangs of Rome.

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