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This deal contains all the figures from the Warring Clans range.

  • SAM002 Samurai with Kanabō (large club)
  • SAM003 Samurai with Naginata (halberd)
  • SAM004 Samurai with Yumi (bow)
  • SAM005 Walking Samurai with Katana
  • SAM006 Samurai drawing Katana
  • SAM007 Samura in full armour with Yari (spear)
  • SAM008 Samurai with Katana raised
  • SAM009 Female Warrior - Onna-bugeisha
  • SAM010 Travelling Samurai
  • SAM011 Samurai with Horned helmet
  • SAM012 Ashigaru-Kashira (sergeant)
  • SAM013 Samurai with Naginata and Katana
  • SAM014 Ronin
  • SAM001 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) Command
  • SAM100 Ashiguru with Yari (spear) 1
  • SAM101 Ashiguru with Yari (spear) 2
  • SAM102 Ashiguru with Yari (spear) 3
  • SAM103 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) 1
  • SAM104 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) 2
  • SAM105 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) 3
  • SAM106 Ashiguru with Teppo (musket) 1
  • SAM107 Ashiguru with Teppo (musket) 2
  • SAM108 Ashiguru casualties

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Spears if applicable and 25mm MDF round bases supplied.

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