Kushite Roster & Gifts Card Set

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Absorbed into the vast Persian Empire the Kushite's bring a different type of warrior to the ancient battlefields of Mortal Gods. These fighters can be taken as part of a Persian Sataba, as a stand-alone faction or as mercenaries in a Greek lochos.

This set contains a total of 28 cards made up of Roster Cards to be used to build your Kushite Warband and 10 Gift Cards specially designed to be used with a Kushite (or a Persian) force. 

The card types included are multiples of the following:

  • Kushite Prince
  • Priest of Babi
  • Priest of Apedemak & Lion
  • Kushite Archer Group
  • Kushite Archer
  • Kushite Warrior Group
  • Kushite Warrior
  • Baboon Group
  • Baboon

As well as multiples of the above roster cards there are 10 unique gift cards. There are enough cards in this set to make a varied force.

You also need the rules, dice, action markers, miniatures and terrain to play. 

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