Kushite Priest of Babi

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Babi was the deification of the hamadryas baboon, one of the animals present in ancient Egypt and the Kush. His name is usually translated as "bull of the baboons", roughly meaning "chief of the baboons".

Since baboons were considered to be the dead, Babi was viewed as a deity of the Underworld. Baboons are extremely aggressive and omnivorous, and Babi was viewed as being a very bloodthirsty god, needing priests to temper his hunger for battle.

Wrapped in the skins of lions and leopards and with bodies daubed in both vermilion made from the powdered mineral cinnabar and white made from chalk powder, Kushite priests were a frightening sight to behold.

Pack contains a Mortal Gods Miniature. Made from metal and supplied with a round MDF base. May require assembly.

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