Gunnolf Wolfbane - Berserker 2

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Gunnolf grew up skinnier than the other boys of his village, and as such tried harder to prove himself a man. When he was 15 he slew a wolf that he found trying to kill his fathers livestock by driving his small knife deep into the neck of the beast. He would carry the scars from that encounter for the rest of his life, but he also would carry the wolfs skin with him too. He fixed the wolf head to his leather helmet and let its long grey coat hang as a cloak behind him. Now he was admitted to the warband as a warrior and he would make sure that he would fight his foes with the same ferocity he fought the wolf. The horn sounded loud and clear and with a deafening howl, he sprang forward towards the enemy shieldwall, roaring like a beast.

This pack contains Gunnolf Wolfsbane.
Miniature supplied unpainted and will need some assembly. Spears, banners and base not supplied.

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