Sigurd of the Bridge - Berserker 3

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The Vikings moved swiftly as their tired legs would allow, burdened with the wounded from the battle. The shouts of the Saxons could be heard in the distance and they were gaining ground on the weary men. The big Dane stood at the edge of the small bridge as his comrades filed passed with greater urgency, watching as the first Saxons appeared along the road, swiftly cutting down three exhausted men who tried to desperately reach the safety of their army. The Dane gripped his long axe and took a few steps onto the bridge, ensuring that his flanks were secure.

The Saxons approached him, laughing nervously, their weapons slick with blood and sweat dripped down their faces from the pursuit. The first one to approach him was a large man wearing an iron helm and carrying a broad-headed spear that he levelled at the Dane. The Saxon lunged at him with the spear but he lazily knocked it aside with his axe shaft, then spinning around to his right he slammed the axe blade into the exposed flank of the man who screamed like a child as the blade eviscerated him. One by one, the next five men who dared to place their feet on the bridge suffered the same fate. He kicked the last body off the bridge and bracing his feet firmly on the wooden planks, roared in defiance as the rest of the Saxon army approached. It would be a good day to die.

This pack contains Sigurd of the Bridge.
Miniature supplied unpainted and will need some assembly. Spears, banners and base not supplied.

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