Sohei Warrior Monks Bundle

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Led by Superior Saburo, the fierce Sohei warrior monks defend their sacred temple-fortresses to the last.

  • Mounted Sohei Superior Saburo
  • Sohei Sergeant
  • Sohei Creed Bearer
  • Sohei Temple Guard with nodachi heavy sword
  • Sohei Temple Guard with tetsubo heavy club
  • Sohei Temple Guard with paired swords
  • 3 Sohei Fanatics
  • 3 Sohei Musketmen
  • 11 Recruitment Cards
  • 3 Trait Card
  • 8 Skill Cards
  • 2 Quest Cards
  • MDF bases including 2 multibases

The warriors represented in this box can be used with other Sohei forces, Ikko Ikki rebels, as well as allied samurai clans. These zealous believers do not fear death and fight even harder if their brethren are slain.

Superior Saburo leads the defence of the temple-fortress, galloping at his enemies to deliver a devasting one-off attack with the Dive Strike card. 

The Sohei sergeant can send his troops surging forward in a sudden wave (or unleash a sudden blast of gunfire if you use him as a gunnery sergeaant) - a definite contrast to the steady ashigaru of the clans. 

Meanwhile the Creed Bearer carries a banner daubed with inspiring prayers and religious slogans, making it more likely for nearby believers to trigger their Strike bonuses.

The devout Temple Guards themselves are the toughest fighters, hand-picked from among the warrior monks and able to shrug off minor injuries and carry on the battle unaffected. You can make them even harder to defeat with the Final Guardians trait!

Skill cards include Holy Relic, Hallowed Walls and Power from Grief.

Sohei Fanatics

Sohei Fanatics are elite warrior monks, highly skilled with the naginata and filled with divine fervour.

Give them the Unstoppable Frenzy trait to make them even more devastating during Follow Up attacks. The Righteous Slaughter skill has a similar effect for a character.

These miniatures can also be fielded as 'standard' Sohei warrior monks.

Sohei Musketmen

Sohei warrior monks armed with muskets battle against the foes of their temple.

The Reckless Shooters trait allows musket-armed troops to move faster but limits them to firing at the nearest enemy!

The Grab a Musket skill lets a character shoot with the gun of a nearby friend.

Bundle contains 24 gaming cards for Test of Honour and 12 metal miniatures plus bases.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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