Ikko Rebel Bundle

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This set contains:

  • 1 Rennyo
  • 3 Ikko Rebels
  • 3 Ikko Rebel Spearmen
  • 4 Recruitment Cards
  • 2 Trait cards
  • 2 Quest cards
  • 1 Skill card
  • 2 Multi-bases

As a pacifist, Rennyo is an unusual character who cannot make attacks - instead he provides huge bonuses to all the believers around him. There is also a Recruitment card to use the model as an Ikko Preacher.

The rebel peasants are armed with a variety of weapons (counting as katanas in a group). The Oppressed Masses trait makes them particularly dangerous against samurai class enemies.

The rebel spearmen are armed with bamboo spears. The Mob Rush trait allows them to race forward faster if there are plenty of friends around.


The Ikko-ikki were a rebellious group motivated by religious doctrine. They consisted of peasants, merchants, monks and even low-ranking samurai who all followed a militant sect of Buddhism led by a charismatic priest called Rennyo.

In 1486 the Ikko-ikki staged a violent uprising in Kaga province, overthrowing the governor and taking control for themselves – the first time in Japanese history that commoners had ruled a province. 

The movement had thousands of dedicated followers – fanatical Sohei warrior monks as well as simple peasant farmers seeking an escape from their lives of toil and oppression.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. We recommend pinning the staff hand to the body for a stronger join.

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