The Gangs of Rome Accessories Set

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'Welcome to Rome!''
The Accessory Set gives you everything you need to start playing 'Gangs of Rome' if you already have the rule book.
There are enough plastic figures to make at least two opposing gangs of five fighters and three 'mobs' (an intrinsic part of the game) and suitable bases.
There are also dice, tokens, objective counters and a range ruler, everything you need to play. Included is an MDF Villa to fight over by' Sarissa Precision' (the first of, we suspect, many Roman buildings for your collection).

Box Contents:
5 frames of plastic roman citizens totalling 30 figures (enough to make three mobs and two gangs of five fighters each), 3 MDF mob bases, 10 MDF fighter bases, 7 roman numeral dice and 7 damage dice, 1 range ruler, 4 objective markers, 20 activation tokens, 10 stress markers and the MDF villa of 'Gallan the Greek'. The tokens and ruler are printed on thick high quality card stock.

Not included is plastic glue for the plastic miniatures or suitable glue for the MDF building.

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