Objective Set 2 - Spoils of War

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You may be required to set up one or more objectives depending on the game you are playing; they are usually placed on the tabletop before any warriors are deployed. Each objective is mounted on a 40mm round base.

Objectives are controlled by the player who has the most warriors within 3” of that objective at the end of a round. Once a player gains control of an objective, it remains under that player’s control until his opponent takes control from him by placing more warriors within 3” of the centre of the objective’s base.

Set contains 3 objective markers for The Barons' War. 

All parts are 3D printed using a high-quality resin providing an almost plastic-like finish.

NB: Like all Resin, it is key to make sure you work safely, make sure to keep out of reach of children, use the correct equipment such as a mask when sanding, filing or any other activity that can create dust.

To assemble your terrain kit we recommend you use a strong adhesive such as super glue. Poly cement and other plastic weld style adhesives will not work with this material. There may be some support material left over from the manufacturing process, this can be easily removed with a hobby knife just like you would remove excess metal or resin from a traditionally cast miniature.

Unlike typical cast resins, the printed resin can be more brittle and may shatter if cut with side cutters. We recommend using a razor saw if you wish to cut the material for any conversions. To assemble the kit as pictured you will not need to cut or sand the parts.

As with all models it is recommended to prime the model prior to painting. There should be no issue with using your favourite primer.

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