Cretan Archers

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Cretan archers were a well-known class of warriors whose specialist skills were extensively utilised by many different commanders. They were especially valued in armies, such as those of the Greek city-states which could not draw upon substantial numbers of skilled archers from their native populations.

Though Cretan archers could be theoretically outranged by Rhodian slingers, they were widely recognised as being amongst the best light missile troops in the ancient world, and as such found employment as mercenaries in many armies.

Life on the varied terrain of Crete put a focus on skilled hunters and their ancient naval power revolved around skilled archers to man the ships. Once the Cretans became known for their archery they simply continued to put effort into producing the finest mercenary archers available.

Pack contains three Mortal Gods Miniatures & optional shields.  Made from metal and supplied with a round MDF group base. May require assembly.

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