Late Roman/Romano-British/Early Byzantine

The turmoil of the last two centuries of Roman dominance produced conflict throughout Europe and the near East. Emperors and Warlords rose and fell. Enemies old and new fought her legions from Britain to gate of Byzantium. This range is intended to enable the collector and gamer to recreate those armies. Our view of the Roman army at this time is pretty fixed but there were differences in armor and clothing in various theaters of conflict. The Romano British infantry packs is there to mix in with the regular Roman infantry to give a different feel to the legions. We will do the same for other Roman armies over time to give you the chance to create a more specific look to you collection should you choose. 
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Late Roman Armoured Infantry Kneeling
Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry in Helmets
Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry in Hats
Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry
Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry standing
Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry Kneeling
Late Roman Archers
Late Roman Cavalry Command
Late Roman Heavy Cavalry
Late Roman Cataphracts Command
Late Roman Cataphracts
Late Roman Cataphracts
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King Arthur
King Arthur

85 results

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