Carthaginian Sacred Band

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The Carthaginians were heavily influenced by Hellenic Culture, and so it is unsurprising that they tried to emulate the fighting methods and structures that they saw across the Med in the Hellenic World. This included forming a 'Sacred Band' - a group of Citizens raised by the City in times of need, who fought in splendid metal armour in a phalanx. Unfortunately for Carthage, they don't seem to have done very well - of the few times we hear of them (e.g. Battle of the Krimisos), they are defeated, fighting against Greeks and wiped out to a man. We hear of them being reformed, then wiped out again, after which they do not seem to re-appear. In all likelihood, they were much better than history suggests, as Hannibal's unarmoured Citizen phalanx fought well at Zama sometime later.

This set consists of 6 heavily armoured 'Hellenised' Carthaginian troops in a mix of armours. Complete with metal Aspis/Hoplon shields. You will need to provide your own metal/wire spears.

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