Mortal Gods: Mythic Kickstarter - 26th, January 2020

We are now rapidly heading towards reportedly the most miserable month of the year and the dreaded 'January Blues'. Most of us are wishing for nice weather under a hot sun and a Mediterranean blue sky - we can't physically take you to 'The Med' but we can help you get there with your imagination! How? Well, we are about to launch the 'Mythic' Kickstarter for 'Mortal Gods' set in the Ancient Greek World.

Mortal Gods was launched early 2019 and has been very well received enjoying phenomenal support, to say the least (thank you). We have a large following on Facebook and you guys are continually enthused, painting forces, converting miniatures, making scenery and playing games.

As we are aware the ancient world is a large place to explore and your enthusiasm to explore it has resulted in many requests for us to cover lots of forces that the Greeks fought and others who were perhaps either in the greek 'sphere of influence' or even just outside (they were widely travelled). In response we have nearly completed a Persian range, the Thracians/Thrakians are nearly finished and Kushites are imminent.
However, of all the forces we have been asked for from around the ancient world we have had at least double the requests for classic Greek mythical heroes and monsters encouraging us to explore this option as a priority for you.

Footsore Miniatures is seen by most of our community and its fair to say us too as a 'historical' company so to move into 'fantasy' is a big departure from the norm and we had been 'scratching our heads' as to how we could make it happen in an exciting way. Fortunately for us the 'stars aligned' (divine intervention maybe) and Trish Carden became available.

Trish wasn't really looking for work as she was enjoying her newfound freedom and working on some of her own projects (check out her watercolour paintings) but Trish and I have a relationship going back to the days of 'Marauder Miniatures' so she was quite excited for us to work together again to make some mighty monsters of myth and legend!

So our 'Mythic' range has taken a long time in both the planning and development stages to make it compatible with Mortal Gods making the monsters and characters work in an established game and ensuring that your lovingly painted Lochos can still go up against a same 'pointed' mythic force with an equal fighting chance! 

Trish has done us proud with a lovely range of monsters and our good friend Stavros Zouliatis the man responsible for most of the forces for Mortal Gods has made the miniatures that give each force (Zeus, Hera, Hades and Heroes) their character.
Andy Hobday wrote the original rules and together with George Asling they have done a brilliant job of making sense of all the beasts and heroes and putting them into factions with the invaluable help of Phatis (who of course is the man/spirit in the know).

Getting 'Mythic' ready has been a big undertaking for a little company like ourselves (yep we are only small) and to help us take this 'step' into the new world of 'fantasy gaming' we have decided to Kickstart the project.

The range has been made into four factions that match the recruitment cards and rules for Mortal Gods: Mythic' and offers have been made around them. You are also free to mix and match and if just a single figure 'takes your fancy' you can pledge for that. We are hoping though that you are as excited as we are and to help you choose we have put faction deals together that will allow you to build a force at a good 'launch' price.
The monsters are designed and themed to work with 'Mythic' so being from Greek mythos where a lot of fantasy games have drawn inspiration we believe they can easily be used for lots of other game systems or can be bought just to paint (at least one of us, who is possibly me, will be adding centaurs to his old Warhammer Chaos Warband).

We hope you pledge in the Kickstarter, either way, please share with everybody you think will be interested and we look forward to seeing your new forces painted and into action be it in 'Mythic', Oldhammer, role-play games, skirmish games or mass battle games in the near future.

We go 'live' 5 pm GMT, Sunday 26th January and we will be around to answer any and all questions and hope you will be there to support us.

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