Denizens of Rome, or the 'Incola'

Denizens of Rome, or the 'Incola'

The Incola are denizens of Rome who operate in the game similar to a mob stand but are a single notorious character of either peril or service.

Incola move at the same time as mob stands in exactly the same way, but unlike the mob, the effect caused by one of the Incola is triggered by Gradus proximity alone, not attack dice rolled in public.

Incola do not panic and cannot be harmed in any way.  Some may offer a useful service and some are a nightmare to be strongly avoided!

Our first two Inocla are Cruentus the Butcher and Thessalus, the Back Street Healer

Cruentus, the Butcher


If your fighter fails to escape three times once captured, they will end up as “pork stew” in the markets.

Thessalus, the Back Street Healer


Filthy tools of butchery hang from a rank stained leather apron you take your chances with the Back Street Healer.

Each character will come with a two-sided card to use as a reference during the game, on one side are the general rules and on the other special rules for that particular Incola.

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