Viking Valkyrie and Shieldmaidens - 1 point

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This unit forms a single point in a SAGA force.

Some women were probably leaders in their own right, leading their own bands of warriors.

Viking Shieldmaidens are still the subject of controversy for the historical community. While there are definitely instances of women fighting alongside the men in battle, how common this was is still up for debate. There have also been graves of women found surrounded by the paraphernalia of battle which would suggest that at least certain women were respected as warriors in their own right. All that said, we dont think there is any doubt among the historical gaming community they have become rather popular and we felt that the Viking range would be incomplete without them.

While its easy to fall into the idea of a fantasy looking female figure with big armoured boobs and almost no muscle mass, the truth is likely to be a little more boring. They would have dressed very much like their male companions in practical clothing and armour when available. Their build would have probably been robust as campaigning and raiding would have taken a toll on anyone who wasnt up to a certain level of fitness. So that's what we went for, realistic and believable over armoured boobs

This pack contains 6 figures. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Weapons and bases supplied.

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