Vitus Marcus Severi - Centurion of the Vigiles

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In ancient Rome's dark and dangerous streets, there is a nasty Centurion of the Vigiles named Vitus Marcus Severi. Vitus is a corrupt and ruthless individual who uses his power and authority for personal gain. He is known for his brutality and his love of extortion. Vitus comes from one of the most noble Roman families, the Cornelii Lentuli.

His route up the political ladder is the same route you must take, but he also has the luxury of a professional veneer. While you must rely on your skills and cunning to navigate the treacherous waters of Roman politics, Vitus has the support of his family's wealth and influence.

When you encounter him, he is eloquent, charming, and persuasive. But his greatest asset is his ability to project an image of competence and respectability. He is always well-groomed and dressed impeccably. He speaks with a polished accent and uses his words carefully. Be careful not to marvel too much at this epitome of a Roman aristocrat, as you will be distracted as he summons the Vigiles to cart you away.

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied with the required MDF base for Gangs of Rome. May require assembly.

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