Snowk the Swamp Dragon

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Snowk is a belligerent and sneaky character who lives and hunts in the Grimpenmire swamp. He sinks beneath the water, allowing just his eyes to break the surface. His scales and spines look like nothing more than plants and dead wood floating idly by and the gills on his neck allow him to breathe for long spells in the murky depths. He will eat anything that passes close enough, erupting from the water in a torrent of mud, slime and claws, then spitting out the skulls and bones onto the bank where the Harridans will gather them up for their own dark purposes. Together, they will make sure that nothing or no one lives for long that is foolish enough to wander by. He’s 16cm from snout to tail tip and around 7cm to the tip of his tallest spine.

Six-part kit supplied on a 50x100mm MDF base. The Miniature supplied is unpainted and will need some assembly.  

Made from resin, This is not a toy. Warning: Avoid breathing dust. Harmful.


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