Slaughter of the Prisoners Vignette

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The Etruscans were, it seems, very Hellenic in their tastes. Culturally, to be connected to Greece was to be identified as a member of the Aristocracy. In art, many Greek legends were depicted by the Etruscans, not least the episode from the Iliad known as ‘the Slaughter of the Prisoners’. After Achilles’ closest friend Patroclus was killed by Hector of Troy, Achilles is so overcome with grief that he takes the Trojan prisoners captured during the fighting to the Greek camp and murders them, burning their bodies with that of his friend in a great pyre.

The scene of the ‘Slaughter’ occurs frequently in Etruscan art. It was also referenced by the Romans as proof that the Etruscans, like the Carthaginians, were cruel and bloodthirsty.

This vignette shows Achilles in the act of cutting the throat of a hapless Trojan, while his Myrmidons bring further victims to be killed. This set consists of 6 figures and 1 shield. Figures are unpainted, unassembled and un-based. You will need to provide your own wire spear

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