SAGA Age of Magic (Supplement)

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Fantasy is the crucible in which the most heroic tales are forged. In these worlds, a simple barbarian can become a king, an ancient sorcerer can unite whole races to make a stand against the shadows, and an army of the dead can rise...

Dragons, sorcerers, and paladins descend upon SAGA's gaming tables in the Age of Magic.

Assemble a warband from one of six factions, recruit new units like Monsters, Creatures and War Machines, and confront your opponents with the aid of powerful sorceries.

The Age of Magic is a whole SAGA Universe that includes:
• Six archetypal factions from the worlds of fantasy so you can use your collections of fantasy figures to play SAGA.
• Legendary units and warbands for each faction to let you personalise your units.
• New rules and equipment to represent these worlds' most iconic units.
• Complete rules for Magic.
• A Grimoire of more than thirty spells divided into six Domains of Magic.
• An impressive photo gallery of armies and battle scenes to inspire players in building their warbands.

The Age of Magic is designed to give players all the tools they need to use their existing collections of fantasy figures and to create their gaming universe.
Write your SAGA in the Age of Magic!

You will need a copy of the SAGA Rulebook (V. 2) to use this universe/supplement This book is accompanied by six Battle Boards, which may not be sold separately.

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