O Worthy Man of English Blood - Character Set

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The character set includes Thomas, Count of Perche and William of Cassingham the commanders and leading characters featured in the mini-campaign.  When you buy this set we also give you a copy of O Worthy Man of English Blood for free.

“When the French occupied the Kentish weald, their troops did great harm to the local people and their possessions. William of Cassingham and his band of archers repaid the French in kind. Patrols set off into the woods, never to be seen again. Supply convoys were ambushed, and sentries shot at their posts. When the French king heard of this partisan raising hell in “his” country, he dispatched one of his most able servants, Thomas, Count of Perche to put an end to the English menace.”

A fictional excerpt from Roger of Wendover’s chronicle, describing the exploits of English partisan William of Cassingham.

The scenarios included are designed to introduce you to The Baron’s War, growing in complexity as the feud between the two nobles escalates. We’ve included sample forces to provide a starting point, but you could of course create your own.

The three scenarios are:
• The Forest Road: The siege lines around Dover consume a prodigious amount of supplies. A supply wagon loaded down with provisions is ambushed while travelling through the weald. (500pts)

• Rats in a Trap: Despite the partisan’s attempts to cover their tracks, the Count of Perche is able to track them back to their hideout. With dawn breaking over the horizon, he launches his assault. (750pts)

• La Grace Dieu: With the Count’s forces closing in, William launches a daring assault on the French supply chain. Moored in an estuary, this fat-bottomed merchant ship is an incredibly tempting target. (1000pts)

We’ve provided Warrior Profiles that cover outlaws, suitable for William of Cassingham’s partisans, or Robin Hood’s Merry Men. We’ve also included rules for booby traps and snares.

This digital campaign book contains 22 pages which include three linked scenarios and new rules.

NB: The PDF of the campaign book will be manually emailed to you on completion of your order.

Pack contains one mounted figure, two foot figures and two heater shields. A pill-shaped base and 25mm round bases are included.

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