Lackland Goes North, Mini Campaign PDF

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“The recovery of Normandy, and the renewal of the war with the hated French weighed heavily upon the king’s mind. When word reached him that the Scots planned to enter into an alliance with France, he acted most decisively, summoning his nobles and preparing an expedition to intimidate his northern cousin into submission. William, sometimes called the Rough on account of his prowess on the battlefield, had entered into his dotage, and John believed that he could easily be bullied into submission...”
A fictional excerpt from Roger of Wendover’s chronicle, describing the events leading up to the treaty of Norham in 1209.

The scenarios included are designed to introduce you to The Baron’s War, growing in complexity as the feud between the two nobles escalates. We’ve included sample forces to provide a starting point, but you could of course create your own.

The three scenarios are:
• Thinning the Herd: The vanguards of the English and Scottish forces clash on the outskirts of an isolated Northumbrian village, while the Scouts are attempting to make off with some livestock to help feed their invasion force. (500pts)

• Caught Napping: Having made camp for the night, John’s forces must fight for their lives when their camp is attacked by Scottish raiders. (750pts)

• Battle is Joined: With both sides looking to bring the conflict to a decisive conclusion, the English and Scottish forces meet at Norham, where the fate of two nations will be decided. (1000pts)

We’ve provided Warrior Profiles that cover the Scottish warriors the campaign introduces. We’ve also included rules for using supplies in your games.

This digital campaign book contains 21 pages which include three linked scenarios and new rules.

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