Harald Hardrada, King of Norway

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Norse king of Norway from 1046 Harald Sigurdsson he unsuccessfully claimed the Danish throne until 1064 and the English throne in 1066.

In a bod to claim the English crown he invaded England in the north defeating the earls Morcar of Northumbria and Edwin of Mercia, two miles (3 km) south of York at the Battle of Fulford on 20 September 1066. The battle was a decisive victory for Harald and Tostig, and led York to surrender to their forces on 24 September 1066.

On 25 September 1066, Harald and Tostig lost the Battle of Stamford bridge to Harold Godwinson and his force which marched north to meet them. Although (according to non-saga sources) the English forces were held up at the bridge for some time by a single gigantic Norwegian, allowing Harald and Tostig to regroup into a shield-wall formation, Harald's army was in the end heavily beaten. Harald himself was struck in the throat by an arrow and killed early in the battle in a state of berserkergang, having worn no body armour and fought aggressively with both hands around his axe and sword.

Harald Hardrada, the pack contains 1 figure.
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Weapons and bases supplied.

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