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The character set includes Guillaume II des Barres and William Marshal as the commanders and leading characters featured in the mini-campaign.  When you buy this set we also give you a copy of GUtted at Gaillard for free.

“And so, when rainy spring gave way to summer, Phillipe Augustus launched his assault on his treacherous cousin John, also called Lackland. He began by attacking castles surrounding Chateau Gaillard, thereby depriving the defenders of any immediate relief. Confronted with perhaps the most formidable fortress in Christendom, Phillipe chose to encircle the castle and wait for the garrison to exhaust their supplies. Meanwhile, the perfidious John despatched his most competent commander, William Marshal to relieve the embattled defenders.”

A fictional excerpt from William the Breton’s chronicle, describing the siege of Chateau Gaillard.

The scenarios included are designed to introduce you to The Baron’s War, growing in complexity as the feud between the two barons escalates. We’ve included sample forces to provide a starting point, but you could of course create your own.

The three scenarios are:
• Knives in the Dark: During a siege, the attackers are vulnerable to attacks launched against their camp. Investing a fortification spreads valuable manpower across a wide front. In a rare flash of brilliance, King John has conceived of a two-pronged attack that will wrongfoot the besiegers and hopefully turn the tide. (500pts)

• The Bridge of Boats: One cornerstone of Chateau Gaillard’s defences was the mighty river Seine, who’s fast-flowing course protected the castle’s western approaches. With the French army fast approaching, the defenders destroyed the only bridge in an attempt to stall the defenders. Ever resourceful, Philip Augustus replaced the ruined stone bridge with one of his own devising - constructed of boats lashed together, complete with wooden towers to defend it. (750pts)

• Throw Them Back: Despite the valiant efforts of William Marshal, the amphibious attack has been perilously mistimed. The besiegers have mobilised, and disciplined volleys of crossbow bolts are slashing into the water around the heaving boats. More troops are pouring over the bridge of boats, forcing the attackers onto the back foot. (1000pts)

We’ve provided Warrior Profiles for Cutthroats and Outlaws who take part in the campaign. We’ve also included rules for how The Garrison's Resolve can affect your retinues morale during the campaign.

This digital campaign book contains 17 pages which include three linked scenarios and new rules.

NB: The PDF of the campaign book will be manually emailed to you on completion of your order.

Pack contains two mounted figures, two foot figures and four heater shields. Two pill-shaped bases and 25mm round bases are included.

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