Gallan, the Greek

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Gallan the Greek is a figure shrouded in conflicting whispers. To some, he's a charming purveyor of exotic goods. To Rome's elites, a pretentious foreigner in borrowed Roman finery. This upstart, strutting about the city in a cheap, ostentatious toga, seems to mock their traditions. Yet, behind this public facade lies a man of cunning and resourcefulness. Gallan, ever the showman, regales anyone who'll listen with detailed (and often tiresome) explanations of every Greek god's origins. His latest transgression? A purple toga. Not the coveted Tyrian shade, but a vulgar imitation, earning him the mocking nickname "Kermes" after the red dye insect.

But beneath the surface lies a power dynamic secured by Rome's golden glue: patronage. Gallan's not just a peddler of dubious potions. He's a renowned apothecary, and the effectiveness of his concoctions is directly proportional to the buyer's wealth. And who holds the most oversized purse in Rome? The emperor, of course. Rumour whispers of Gallan miraculously snatching a favoured gladiator from death's clutches.

This single action, along with a less savoury "hobby"—crafting poisons inspired by the notorious Locusta—secures Gallan's position. His modest Palatine villa thrives. As long as his wares please the emperor and his "services" remain in the shadows, discreetly in demand, the Roman elite must hold their noses and accept his company.

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied with the required MDF base for Gangs of Rome. May require assembly.

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