Forces of Islam Commander 1

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Each of the city-states of the Fertile Crescent was ruled by its own emir, whether as an independent potentate or as the subordinate or ally of a wider dynasty or federation. Imad ad-Din Zengi established dominance over the ‘Fertile Crescent’ from Mosul to Aleppo. His son Nur ad-Din, ruler of Aleppo, achieved lordship over Damascus and, through his Kurdish general Shirkuh, control of Egypt. However, it was Sirkhuh’s nephew Salah al-Din who brought the combined emirates’ power to bear on the Crusader States, crippling the kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187.

Pack contains one mounted figure, one foot figure and two heater shields. Pill-shaped base and 25mm round base included. Made from white metal, supplied unpainted and may need some assembly.

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