Tokugawa Clan Samurai

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This set contains:

  • 1 Tokugawa Clan Samurai miniature
  • 3 Skill cards


The Tokugawa clan, under the masterful leadership of their Daimyo Ieyasu, bided their time throughout the Sengoku period, making wise alliances with the most powerful warlords and secret pacts for clans to switch sides during the final battle at Sekigahara, ultimately gaining control of all Japan.

These qualities are represented with the Patience card that gives a bonus towards the end of the game, the Prior Arrangement card that can trigger an enemy warrior to switch to your side, and the Take Command card that allows a companion to take on the mantle of a hero if your leader is slain. 


Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.


28mm, metal.

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