A Most Ignoble Feud, Mini Campaign PDF

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 “And so, on the fifth day after the Feast of Saint Barnabas, in the thirteenth year of King John’s reign, did the ignoble scoundrel Gerard de Furnival, Lord of Hallamshire launch a most grievous assault upon the person of his master William de Warenne, the Earl of Surrey. During the melee, several of the Earl’s servants were maimed, and his prize destrier injured. In response, the king decreed that the Lord of Hallamshire be stripped of his possessions, and brought to heel.”
A fictional excerpt from Roger of Wendover’s chronicle, describing the history of England under King John.

The scenarios included are designed to introduce you to The Baron’s War, growing in complexity as the feud between the two nobles escalates. We’ve included sample forces to provide a starting point, but you could of course create your own.

The three scenarios are:
• The Ambush: One noble is cruelly ambushed while riding across a remote or isolated part of their domains. (500pts)

• Burying the Hatchet: Hoping to nip this escalating conflict in the bud, both nobles agree to a pitched battle. (750pts)

• The Bad Neighbour: The tide has turned in favour of one noble, with their rival penned up in a castle, under bombardment from a massive trebuchet. A well-timed sally could change the course of the conflict, or bring it to an untimely conclusion. (1000pts)

We’ve provided optional rules for tracking the condition of your nobles between battles. If your noble is taken out of action, you can roll to see if their minor injury becomes permanent, and whether it affects their performance in the next engagement

This digital campaign book contains 16 pages which includes three linked scenarios and new rules.

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