Subura Gang Fighters

The Pomegranate

Nestled in the infamous Subura, the Pomegranate is possessed of more class than you might imagine. It is tucked discreetly under a fairly well maintained insula and within sight of the Argiletum. It is also owned by a domina reputed to have the blood of the very Julii in her veins! Whilst she maintains a high standard of presentation and service (watered down wine notwithstanding…) the Pomegranate is—if the members of the III Vigiles cohort are to be believed—a cult home to the worshipers of Orcus, and a greater den of inequity and depravity would be hard to find.

Suggested Sarissa Precision kits: Lower Rank Insula Corner (product code T004) combined with Lower Rank Shop Block (product code T003)

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