Outremer (French: outre-mer, lit. 'overseas'), also known as The Crusader States, is a political hotbed granting ambitious Frankish Barons the opportunity to make a reputation for themselves. This new battleground dominated by a scorching sun, inhospitable terrain and lethal new foes provides fresh challenges for any Commander.

The miniatures have been sculpted to be used for your games set in Outremer and are perfect for depicting the forces in the linked campaign 'Peril on the Pilgrin Road'. They also complement the rest of The Barons' War range.

Choose to create a retinue from the Armies of Outremer - settled franks, crusaders or the military orders. Alternatively, select from the myriad of warriors that comprise the cultured Forces of Islam, led by a sultan or emir of a particular Askar. 

50 results
Milites Christi - Warrior Monks with Cross

Milites Christi - Warrior monks with Hand Weapons

Milites Christi - Warrior Monks with Spears

Local Christian militia on foot
Turcopole Guide on foot
Forces of Islam Commander 1
Forces of Islam Bannerman
Forces of Islam Muezzin
Mamluk Cavalry 1
Mamluk Cavalry 2
Forces of Islam Medium Cavalry 1
Forces of Islam Medium Cavalry 2

50 results

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