Add the Heroes and Monsters from Greek Myth to your games of Mortal Gods. To use these gorgeous models in your games you will need the core rules as well as one or all of the Mythic cards sets for the Mythic Factions.

We’re very lucky to have been able to work with amazing monster-sculptor Trish Carden, who has previously sculpted for Games Workshop, Forgeworld, and Marauder Miniatures. In the photos of the models you can see that we’ve been inspired by the classic Harryhausen movies of our youth when it comes to the style of these mythical creatures, there’s just something about the swashbuckling heroics that is perfect for the Mortal Gods game. Additionally our Heroes and mortal warriors have been sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis, who is a wonderful freelance sculptor from Greece, so he has certainly been inspired by this project.
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Priestess of Hera
Satyr Leader (Bacchus)
Satyrs' with Bows
Satyrs' with Spears
Satyrs' with Swords
Skeleton Infantry Box Set
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Temple Guard of Hades, phalanx
Temple Guard of Hera, phalanx
Temple Guard of Zeus, phalanx
The Gorgons
The Gorgons
Wild Centaur with 2 handed hammer

42 results

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