Mortal Gods


Mortal Gods is a game from Footsore Miniatures & Games the people behind Gangs of Rome and Victrix Limited, released in 2019. Greece has proven her might and the forces of the vast Persian Empire have been repulsed. Each City-State believes it played a key part in the victory and this newfound pride has brought about rivalry, greed and conflict.

Generals and statesmen vie for power and wealth in the chaos, risking exile or execution while the boldest and ambitious gather to them their Hoplites, these veteran warriors, bronze-clad and trained in war, stand loyal to their Strategos’ city or ideals.

The price of failure being exile or death. In this age of strife and conflict, bold men may seize greatness and become as Mortal Gods!



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Heavy Lochagos 2
Round Group base (resin)
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Triangle Group base (resin)
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Athenian Marine Hoplites
Ancient Greek Roster Card Set
Omens, Gifts & Injury Card Set
Padan, Persian Lochagos
Persian Archers
Persian Chief of Warriors
Persian Immortal
Persian Sparabara
Persian Spearmen

145 results

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