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Mortal Gods is a skirmish tabletop game played with roughly 15-25 models on each side. Players select their warriors before each game based around a single heroic leader, or ‘Lochagos’, and a number of loyal companions and heroes forming a single Lochos (war band).

Battles are swift and bloody as players alternate acting with one warrior or a group of warriors – moving and fighting to achieve the scenario objectives, whether that be cutting down the enemy, defending an outpost or finding and protecting an important character.

The rules are currently available as a box set consisting of a Rulebook, Roster Cards, Gift Cards, Omen Cards, Injury Cards, Damage Dice and Mortal Gods Dice. There is also a quickly growing range which is being added to every month.

- Andy Hobday -

95 results
Round Group base (resin)
Currently unavailable
Triangle Group base (resin)
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Boeotian Hoplite shields (9)
Spartan Hoplite shields - Lambda (9)
Athenian Hoplite shields - Owl (9)
Corinthian Helmets (to fit Victrix hoplites)
Currently unavailable
Thespian Helmets (to fit Victrix hoplites)
Spartan Helmets (to fit Victrix hoplites)
Currently unavailable
Spartan Krypteia Helmets (to fit Victrix hoplites)
Illyrian Helmets (to fit Victrix hoplites)
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Mortal Gods Basing Set

95 results

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