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This is part of our deals section for 2024 and is always subject to change. For now, choose from the 500+ products in this 'Footsore Deals 2024' category to a total value of £100 or more and receive a 15% discount.  The discount will be applied automatically for you in your cart.  No other discounts will work with this special offer.
77 results
Hoplites in Bronze Thorax

Hoplites in Linothorax

Kneeling Hoplite Hero

Kushite Archers

Kushite Baboon Pack

Kushite Priest of Apedemak and Lion

Kushite Prince

Kushite Roster & Gifts Card Set

Kushite Warriors

Medium Lochagos 1

Medium Lochagos 2

Medium Promachos 1

77 results

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