Leadgendary Heroes

Inspired by the golden age of tabletop fantasy miniatures, Leadgendary Heroes brings you the aesthetic and spirit of yesteryear combined with modern materials and expert sculpting. Cast in the highest quality resin, these excellent miniatures are a perfect painting project, or a fabulous fantasy force.

The miniatures have been painted in an 80s style!

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Balore: Portal Guard
Naradra the Witch Elf: Man Cleaver
Currently unavailable
Cinian, Witch Elf:  Bearer of Wicked Blades.
Hensef: Champion of the Medusian Tower
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Cangern the Musician: Messenger of Pain
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Mankor the Standard Bearer: Carrier of the Wailing Banner
Kara: Captain of the Medusian Tower
Only 1 left!
Malka the Acoylte: Mage Consort of Demons
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