Late Saxons

This range covers the later part of the Dark Ages in Britain, and covers from the time of the first raids by the Vikings in the late 8th Century till the final defeat of Anglo-Danish Britain by the Normans in 1066 AD. During this time as well as external threats from the Irish, Vikings and Normans, Britain also saw many periods of internal conflict too. Great Kings arose in Alfred, Cnut and finally Harold. From an Anglo-Saxons society, it began to change into an Anglo-Danish society based on Dane Law as the Vikings settled in the north and east and then expanded their influence and territory. In 1066 William the Bastard of Normandy invaded and at the fateful Battle of Hastings King Harold was defeated and Britain came under the rules of Norman overlords.
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Late Saxon Shield transfers LSAX(FM)3
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Dark Age Celtic Crosses Banner sheet
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Mid to Late Saxon Banners sheet
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Shield Fatigue or Wound markers

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