Arthurian Romano-British Heavy Cavalry Deal on cataphract horses

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King Arthur was a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century.

Here we have a conversion of our King Arthur miniature by Mark Farr of Footsore UK with his bannerman leading a unit of eight of our Romano-British Cavalry mounted on cataphract horses.

We received lots of positive feedback when we posted pictures of this unit on Facebook so we are offering it as a special deal where you are getting King Arthur for free.

Great for WAB or games of Hail Caesar plus it would make a great start to a Saga warband giving you 2 points and your Warlord.

Our Romano-British Heavy Cavalry deal contains 10 mounted figures - King Arthur and his Bannerman plus a mix of 8 Romano-British Heavy Cavalry #1 and Romano-British Heavy Cavalry #2 mounted on our cataphract horses.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Weapons and bases supplied.

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