Trish Carden has been designing and sculpting Miniatures for nearly 40 years, principally with Games Workshop, where she has been part of the Citadel Design team, Marauder Miniatures and Forgeworld.
She’s delighted to present her new range to you now, collaborating with the fine folks of Footsore Miniatures and Games. She hopes you'll enjoy painting and gaming with her creations based on her love of mythology and folklore and old-school traditionally sculpted miniatures.
32 results
The Harridans
The Harridans
Caterwaul the Harridan
Fleshling the Harridan
Wormling the Harridan
Thrawn the Three Headed Hound
Two Axe the Minotaur
Vengesour the Treeman
Snowk the Swamp Dragon

32 results

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