Gang Fighters

Each Gang Fighter pack contains the following:

  • One gang fighter body
  • A choice of three gang fighter heads
  • A weapon frame containing a mixture of weapons
  • One random gang fighter card
  • One Jigsaw Base
  • A set of wound tokens
  • One random coin plate containing four denarii
  • Four corresponding coin cards
  • One Gangs of Rome D6 roman numeral die

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied with the required MDF base for Gangs of Rome. May require assembly.

21 results
Fighter Duodevicesimus
Fighter Tertius
Fighter Sextusdecimus
Fighter Undecimus
Fighter Quintusdecimus
Fighter Duodecimus
Fighter Septimusdecimus
Fighter Quartusdecimus
Fighter Tertiusdecimus

21 results

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